For many clients, we begin by conducting a performance management assessment to identify your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. From this we determine which short-term and long-term actions are required, including strategy mapping, and performance improvement methodology training.

Strategic Diagnostic
Strategic Planning

We can help you fine-tune an existing strategic plan, facilitate an executive planning session, or build better operational outputs to help you successfully execute your current plan. We’ve worked with hundreds of management teams and are adept at facilitating groups with diverse opinions and strong personalities. 

Wany HK assist you at the beginning of your strategic project. This includes feasibility study, design & engineering studies, initial cost validation, early stage prototypes (proof of concept...). All these studies and validation will be done according to a product requirement that match exactly to the strategy you had defined.

R&D Management
Product Management
Corporate Development
Business Model Improvement

Wany HK consultants provide specialized coaching in the techniques and best practices that transform your existing business model performance and review practices into more productive, drill-down enabled, action-oriented reviews. By coupling these techniques with our internal software, organizations are able to stop “fighting fires” and begin managing performance in a predictive, constructive manner.

We can help your organization focus critical improvement resources most effectively by pairing a senior Wany HK Consultant with an executive team or a manager and his or her direct reports to work through the process of understanding, categorizing, ranking, and assessing the impact of identified initiatives to assist you into your corporate development improvement. 

Wany HK acts like a part of your own team, and develop for you the various prototypes needed to bring your product to successful production. We divide a project into a minimum of 3 phases of prototyping for the electronic & software design and, 2 for the mechanical & plastic design. We help you to manage the industrialization process of your product.


Wany HK offers a wide range of services from strategy building to product industrialization management. We can help you to do the re-engineering of your business model, to define your new Business Strategy up to define, with you, the marketing goal and according product requierement. We satisfy your design and management needs with a team of highly skilled managers, engineers and technicians having decades of experience in industrialization process.